Saturday, February 1, 2014

Needful Things (for swap)

I  joined this swap but in posting this I can also be a little more open I'm not a very active blogger
So my first needful thing would be encouragement and hints to be more forthcoming and active.
I lost my job(I was a Home Health Provider) in December which is a mixed blessing I live with my mom in a an active senior 55 and over living apartment complex. Her health isn't the best she's 69 and  has C.O.P.D. she passes out at times during a coughing fit. and possibly other health related illnesses (we may never know the only "Dr." she has is a home-health P.A.) Don't get me wrong I love the P.A. and trust her but even she thinks mom needs a specialist also.

That being said  I need bright and cheery coffee cups they make me smile I love coffee mostly in the morning. 
 I need Yarn always yarn I'm not picky  I have never used anything but Red Heart Super Saver so now you know my little secret.
I need little scissors to cut the yarn with I lost my favorite ones.

I need cheerful things even at 48 years old I love stuffed animals cozy blankets anything cute and colorful things in life are stressful and it always helps to have kitschy things to make you smile.

I need to be more faithful in my bible studies and devotions.I received a beautiful Bible and lots of devotionals and bible study books for Christmas I just need to have more discipline so
I need journals to write about my frustrations things I'm thankful for to remind me to be more thankful.

To go along with the need above I need cute pens to write with.I have pen a fascination.

I need things to become more organized. I start out with the best intentions but my room is very small and I have (I believe) A.D.D. the two do not mix.

I need crochet in my life always It's my sanity my therapy.So I always need crochet patterns the cuter the better.

I need to help people it truly is a need I think it's to forget about the stress in my life and focus on relieving someone else's stress. 

I need time management skills I never have enough time to do the things I want to do.

I need my Quaker Parrot Racal he's a joy to have he talks and makes me laugh even when I don't feel like laughing. always says hey baby. He's five years old.

I need to socialize more since moving here I have no one my age to have conversations with,don't get me wrong I have worked in the geriatric field (fast becoming one myself) for 20+ years but sometimes I am so "locked in the house" I worry about mom and her health I don't take care of my needs. no I'm not being a martyr it's my choice and wouldn't trust anyone else to stay with her.

I need books I love to read mysteries are my first choice,then any fictional books I do not read sci/fi and romance is something I basically stay from unless it has a real story, cozy mystery books are fun and quick to read. I need real books I can turn the pages and feel the paper as I get lost in the story. I have read books with a tablet it was fun at first something different.

I need chocolate well I do yes I do.LOL

I need to be less sarcastic some times people don't get my humor

I'm fairly certain I have exceeded the amount of "needful things" but this has been so much fun to think about I get carried away I can't forget the most important things I need God,my kids even though they are young adults(you never stop needing them do you?) My little dog Cody chihuahua/shitzu.

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  1. Tami,
    Welcome to the Needful Things Swap. This is a great group of ladies! I had scissors on my list too because I love Fiskars scissors! After reading your list I feel like I cheated on mine; I grouped things together so I have way more things on my list:)